Change Management

When you introduce new technology and new processes into the workings of your organisation, your leam must learn to adapt to these changes. A crucial part of that process is learning the strategies, skills, and processes that will not only acclimate them to the change, but also optimise their performance at the same time. Change management services from Digitally Infinite will speed user adoption, helping you to maximise your investment in the new technology. At Digitally Infinite, we get it. Some of your team’s brightest stars have a tough time with technology, let alone a brand new system.

We Start with a Plan

That’s why we start with a plan. We look deep into your business. How it works. Your mission. Your goals. Your workflows. Your people. With that information, we know your business inside out and build a change management plan that brings people on board seamlessly.

We Visualise the Impact on Each Department

We look at each employee’s role to see how the change will impact him or her. We then segment them into individuals or groups: early adopters, administrative assistants, executives, site coordinators, creatives, or other specialised groups. Doing so allows us to combine users with similar needs and concerns to give them a personalised introduction to the new technology.

digitally Infinite
digitally Infinite

We Guide and Support Your Team During the Process

Then, we guide each group or individual through the change process. With patience and superb communication skills, we teach them how to best utilise the technology for each role, creating an informed workforce that can support each other through the change. Tailored to all learning styles, our change management strategy reaches everyone with compassion and knowledge.

Here's how it works:

  • Informing your workforce: We sit down with your team to inform each group or individual about the pending change. Then, we chat with them about how the change will happen.
  • Building enthusiasm: We talk openly about the benefits of the newprocess or technology. Keeping the lines of communication open at all levels, we build anticipation about how much easier your team’s jobs will be after their training ends.
  • Increase adoption and ownership: We build confidence in your team’s abilities to adapt to the new technology or process. As they develop confidence and see for themselves how easy the new process makes their workflow, they adopt the change and begin to take ownership
  • Complete commitment: Finally, with our side-by-side training, your team will have such confidence in the new system that even the most stubborn will wonder why they ever bucked the change. No matter if its a switchover to Google Enterprise Suite, SaaS, or other new technologies, our change management experts become part of your team as we transform your workplace into a smooth-workplace into a smooth-running machine. Whether you’’re a large, medium, or small organsation, a change in technology will affect your team. Manage that change with the experts at Digitally Infinite.


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