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Value Add top our customers: Technical Account Managers

Digitally Infinite now offers technical account management to help clients get the most out of their technology. With expertise both in the technology solutions we offer and in the workings of your business, your technical account manager (TAM) will look at what your business will need before,  during, and after the onboarding process to ensure complete success.

This dedicated hands-on person will help you answer all your strategic questions. She or he will be the go-to person when you have tough operational challenges that need to be solved—yesterday. Not only will s/he have world-class expertise in technology, but she will also know your business and its needs inside out. Devoted to your success, your TAM will become your trusted advisor.

Before Migration

First of all, your technical account manager will perform a careful analysis of what your needs will be during the deployment of your chosen IT solution to minimise disruptions during the process. She or he will discover your functional requirements, lay out a strategy, identify and follow best practices, and create a deployment plan that incorporates the groundwork for success.

During Migration

After your technical account manager and you finalise the plan, he or she will configure your system, begin DNS implementation and your IP address warmup, and provide all of the technology you need for successful implementation of your migration plan. Your TAM will work alongside all your key players to ensure all compliance issues are addressed, any technical problems ironed out, and everything is in place.

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When deployment is complete, your TAM will work with you to train you and your employees, provide technical support, and iron out any issues. That’s not all, though. Your TAM will work with you to optimise your system’s performance and make sure that every message, every piece of data came through during the migration. He or she will also ensure that you have optimum deliverability on your email and messaging, as well as providing any needed updates.

After Deployment

Your technical account manager’s work doesn’t end with deployment. He or she will work with you as long as you’re a Digitally Infinite client, helping you handle updates, adjusting the system to meet your needs as you grow. Top-of-the-line support is our mission—and your TAM is the person who’ll help you identify ways you can automate your workflows, integrate new applications, and increase your efficiency and comfort level with your system.

For more information about how a technical account manager can help you make the most of your ROI on your Digitally Infinite IT solutions, call us today on +61 1300 243 882 or email us at